Hotel Casa***, Nowy Targ

Introducing a new brand, building its image and awareness. Helping with promo collateral and ad campaigns. Actively engaging with business customers, supervising and coordinating sales at the Warsaw office. Made a full audit of the website to fully use the knowledge we have.

Why don’t you come over to the Polish Tatras and visit the project? The website is a good start.

This is a long-term project planned for many years. Our goal is to meet the budget targets and investor expectations.

See you at Hotel Casa*** in Nowy Targ!

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Hotel Nosselia ***, Krzyczki Szumne

Hotel Nosselia, located in the village of Krzyczki Szumne north of Warsaw is our flagship project. Nosselia is us!

We rebranded the former Farma Krzyczki into Hotel Nosselia – Activity Family Business. We created the name, integrated and strengthened the team, and improved efficiency. We supported the refurbishing process, equipped the kitchen and rooms, as well as created a sales offer, a sports and recreation department, and trained team members and coached managers. We improved sales by 42% year on year and met sales targets.

Nosselia is a beautiful property with conference facilities, a Disc Golf course, and various outdoor activities. The hotel is a unique project with 18 hectares of grounds including a fish pond. Apart from its location, its differentiators are the architectural style and comprehensive meeting solutions.

See you at Hotel Nosselia!

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The Waterside Hotel & Restaurant, Eastbourne, UK

The Waterside Hotel is a boutique property just by the seaside in Eastbourne, West Sussex, UK, with stunning views of the sea.

We got involved in the project the moment the investor signed the ownership documents. We supervised the construction and finishing, with ongoing monitoring allowing us to optimize the implementation schedule and costs. We reviewed all documentation related to construction, sales, and marketing. We launched the hotel restaurant, introduced necessary procedures, and conducted trainings.


See you at the Waterside!

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Hotel Lamberton *** Business & Conferences

We raised staff competence, improved communication and cooperation among departments.

The trainings run by Golden Management Group helped establish relation-building skills and hotel ambassador mentality, especially in the sales and front desk departments. We defined the training needs, and by holding the training sessions onsite, kept their relevance high and costs low.

We thank the Hotel Lamberton team for its positive energy and the investor for the long-term relationship.

See you at Hotel Lamberton!

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Le Cedre 61, Le Cedre 84, Le Cedre Lounge

It’s a business marriage that has lasted for more than 20 years. We’ve introduced and created the brand awareness, using the unique Lebanese cuisine and leveraging the first Le Cedre restaurant.

We trained the teams, restructuring and organizing sales and marketing. We control the costs and the budget targets, negotiate with suppliers, and maintain product quality. We’ve taken team members to Lebanon so that they could experience the culture, taste, and traditions of the Phoenicians.

Promoting the project is no longer necessary, but it’s a responsibility we embrace. We prepare every promotional activity, write the copy, draw the designs and produce a full set of marketing collateral and websites.

See you at Le Cedre!

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STIXX Bar & Grill, Warsaw

STIXX Bar & Grill is a strong player at the Warsaw entertainment and dining scene. It’s a restaurant, bar, club, lounge, and indoor garden in one place.

We introduced the brand from the investor’s idea to launch, stock building, trainings, and furnishings. We supervised the costs and budget goals. We managed the sales and marketing, F&B, security, administration, and accounting departments. We created the menu with tastes from all over the world, training staff from Poland, India, Thailand, and Ukraine.

Our international team looked after the well-being of the STIXX staff, customer satisfaction, choice of entertainment, sound ambience, marketing actions and more. At STIXX Bar & Grill you’ll enjoy the largest liquor selection in Poland, a varied menu, and a friendly and professional team.


See you at STIXX!

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La Maison Gourmand, Chłodna 15, Warsaw

La Maison is a place created and run with passion and love. Here, the cultures of the East and West meet. We supported the investor from the filing of the design doxuments to the opening and launch of the first patisserie in Poland with desserts by Michel Willaume, world champion pastry chef. Our responsibilities included marketing, sales, distribution channels, promotions, and team trainings. We supervised documentation and visual design.

We feel privileged to have been there.

See you at La Maison!

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Czarny Potok Resort & SPA

“SPA” is an acronym of “Salus Per Aquam”, meaning “health through water”, and it was this principle that was behind the creation of SPA facilities at Hotel Czarny Potok. A mountain SPA is something extra special, with the wonderful views and clean air strengthening the beneficial effects of treatments.

The wide variety of treatments at the mountain SPA hotel is the perfect solution to fit your needs all in one place. The SPA is ideal for a romantic stay for two, or as a family attraction.

The hotel prides itself on the natural, top-quality cosmetics used in the treatments and its well-trained team of specialists, who turn every treatment into a unique experience.

See you at Czarny Potok!

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Hotel Arłamów, Partner project – Spazone


The spa area got a zone where the sauna experience returns to its primal character. Using their expertise, our partner created a separate world of relaxation, including:

– an aromatherapy steam room

– a panoramic sauna

– an octagonal Finnish sauna

– an ice sauna

– an ice well

– an inhalation and relaxation zone

See you at Arłamów!

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Aquapark Reda, Partner project – Spazone


Salt Sauna – a dry sauna, with one of its walls built of Dead Sea salt blocks. The temperature is lower, so that people with high blood pressure or couperose skin can use it. Halite blocks expose the skin to valuable minerals contained in salt: iodine, bromine, calcium, and magnesium. These elements help preventing various respiratory system problems, including allergies.

Woodland Sauna – a dry sauna with temperatures around 60 degrees and a wonderful, carefully dosed scent of birch. The fragrant mist and sound of Tibetan bowls ensure rest and relaxation.

Finnish Sauna – a traditional dry sauna with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. The best place for frequent sauna guests. A lovingly finished interior and the careful attention of the Sauna Master make this a relaxing treat to body and mind. Sauna sessions have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and immune systems.

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Fitness Academy SKY TOWER Wrocław, Partner project – Spazone


A modern sauna area designed according to the newest trends. An interesting spatial arrangement, soothing colors, and European technological solutions are just an introduction to the varied SPA treatments available at Fitness Academy SKY TOWER.

The facilities include:

 – two Finnish saunas with a choice of aroma rituals,

– a herbal sauna,

– a steam sauna,

–  a mud sauna, with peeling treatments and special programs.

The jewel in the crown of SPA Fitness Academy is its magnificent, largest HAMMAM in Poland, with a varied offer of Turkish and Moroccan treatments. The hammam and sauna aroma rituals are firm guest favorites.

A dip in the well or jacuzzi are the perfect finish to a sauna session. Then, there are two relaxation rooms to choose from – one with deck chairs and chromotherapy, with sense-soothing music, and a salt room with salt blocks from the salt mine at Wieliczka.

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Partner projects

Our business partner provides state-of-the-art hospitality technology. We implement booking technologies at hotels and apartments. We base our projects on the Upper Booking Engine system, which takes reservations directly from the website, and Channel Manager Upper CRS, to synergize global hotel sales.

We’ll also advise on other sales and marketing tools based on your needs and expectations.


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Real Estare

Partner projects

We have partnership deals with the best specialists in the property and real estate business.

Our partners specialize in:

  • property trade
  • property management – working on commission from real estate developers and housing communities in the Warsaw area under the applicable Polish laws: article 184 of the Property Management Act, and article 18 of the Property Ownership Act.
  • design
  • architecture
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